Great Places To Find Gold

Great Places To Find Gold

Finding gold is always the outcome that every gold prospector seeks in his or her gold hunting endeavors.  The great thing is that finding gold through gold panning is that it is allowed in most areas within the United States.  Here is a short list and short description on dome great places to find gold on your next planned outing.


California is of course famous for its gold rush that took place in 1849 and other years surrounding it.  There is a place named the Jimtown 1849 mining camp that is of course located in California that offers participants the opportunity to pan for gold, and yes you get to keep what you find.  The Jimtown 1849 Mining Camp has a long and rich history of finding gold and many great stories of legend and much more to be discovered.  Gold Prospecting Adventures will take participants on a guided gold mining expedition.  You can find more information about this great finding gold opportunity at


Another great place to find gold is in Arizona and the when you visit the Goldfield Ghost Town you will be given your chance to do so.  Here you can be given the proper mechanics you need to pan for gold successfully.  You are allowed to keep small pieces of gold that you do find. This is an actual Ghost Town with a rich history of information that will prove exciting to learn.  You can find more information at


Besides peaches, Georgia offers the chance of finding gold through Consolidated Gold Mines.  They offer tours of its history rich gold mine and allow visitors to pan for gold.  You will be taught how to properly pan for gold through experience miners that will be on location.  You get to keep your gold that you find and this would make a great vacation souvenir to take home with you.  You can find more information at


You can also be offered the chance to find gold in Tennessee, the Tellico Plains to be more accurate.  The Gold Prospectors Association of America has a local chapter here and they offer visitors the chance to pan for gold at the Doc Rogers Field located in Coker Creek.  Gold panning supplies and lessons on the best way to use them is offered by the Tennessee Gold Company.  You can find more information at

So there you have it, several good places for your next gold hunting vacation.  There are many other great places to find gold but here you have established organizations that have been around the bend a few times and best of all they offer assistance with lesson and guidance.  I bet the original gold miners would have loved to have a helping hand when they first started digging for that first piece of gold. 

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