Gold Prospecting – Where Do I Start?

Gold Prospecting – Where Do I Start?

Gold Prospecting - Where To StartOk, so you have acquired an interest in becoming a gold prospector in hopes of finding the yellow gold.  Maybe you have read the stories or been told how much fun it is to search for gold.  In this article you will see some of the pros and cons related to gold prospecting.  After reading you will have a good checklist to go by that will determine how you will begin your gold prospector endeavors.  Gold prospector’s fall into several categories:

  • Those who are considered recreational.
  • Those who are much more focused on the bigger aspects of prospecting as it relates to geology/precious metals and desire to actually make a living from gold prospecting.
  • Then there is the hardcore miner whose motto is “where is my bulldozer”.  These types have a gambler style of mentality and sometimes can pay off big or they may lose even their shirt.

Searching for gold can be some of the hardest work you do and may or may not produce good results.  The gold that has been found in the past by some of the original and first gold hunters have been rounded up to they were just plain lucky.  A lot of gold prospecting is by luck, however most is hard work on the part of the gold prospector that will bring the gold in.

To be a gold prospector you must be willing to pay the price of hard work and at time take risks.  There are some who are misguided into thinking that all they need to do is find some ground and boom there it is.  Now there are cases of such but again this goes back to being lucky and like I said it will be more work and due diligence on your part to find the gold over luck.

Here are some basic traits that you should consider when wanting to become a gold prospector:

  • Do not be easily discouraged
  • Do not be afraid of hard work or getting dirty
  • Be an explorer and do your homework first
  • Be smart; do not mortgage your house to get started.  It does not take that much moolah to get started
  • Do not be afraid to fail in finding gold
  • Have a sense of adventure and determination, you never know what might be under the next rock
  • Above all else, just enjoy it.  You may never get rich from gold prospecting but you will get rich in experiences and these will add up to a greater chance of finding the gold the next time.

So where do I Start?  First, do not go out and buy a piece of heavy machinery, when all you need is a gold pan.  Learn the basics first and always start with the basics.  The basics can include, pick, shovel, a gold pan, a sluice box and some type of little sniffer bottle that is used to suck gold up from the cracks.  It would also be a great idea to team of with someone who has some experience under their belt as this can save you many hours of frustration.

Many gold prospector’s will agree that they started out small and once their experience and knowledge increased then and only then did they purchase more expensive equipment that went along with advanced mining methods.  There would be nothing worse than purchasing a piece of gold prospecting equipment only to find that you cannot use it where your prospecting or you lack the appropriate skill in handling it.

My advice would be to work at building your gold prospector knowledge over a course of a year or two before you ever decide to buy the bigger prospecting toys.  Learn the basics first and really learn them to the point that you could teach them to a class if needed.  Once you get to this level of prospecting then it would be safe to determine if you want to enlarge your gold prospecting methods and make the decision to buy the more expensive mining equipment that is out there.

Ok so let’s go back over some important things:

  • Start small; learn the basics of gold prospecting before jumping off the bridge into deeper water.
  • Enjoy yourself while you are out there gold prospecting, learn from your mistakes, take time and do your due diligence before heading out into the field.
  • Allow for discouragement but do not dwell on it.
  • Know that the work in finding the gold will be hard at times, by this I mean being patient with the time it may take to find your first gold piece.
  • Do not get in over your head financially; you can have success with just the basic gold prospecting equipment available.

There is gold left to be found and I hope you find it, stay positive and keep learning all you can in the gold prospecting arena.  Get involved in some gold prospecting associations or clubs.  Talk to others who have been doing this for a while and get some tips and tricks that could save you some time and put you on the gold faster.

Good Luck


  1. David Salinas
    07 March 15, 8:08pm

    Hello I like what I have read. I am a geology major who plans on starting a life in gold mining as soon as all my debit is paid. My time frame is 2 years from now.

    • goldp
      19 June 15, 11:29pm

      sounds like you have a plan

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