Gold Prospecting – Staking A Gold Claim

Gold Prospecting – Staking A Gold Claim

how to stake a gold claimGold Prospectors may ask themselves this question “how to stake a gold claim” and it is a good question to be asking yourselves along with the, who, what, when, how and where, questions of “where is the gold”.  Going about staking a gold claim is not as daunting as those words may make it appear.  Let’s talk about why we would even look for gold or stake a claim to begin with.

Today our economy has seemed to come full circle, and I am talking about how bad it has become.  Shaky is an understatement to describe it as the fallout has been felt like an earthquake to many.  You know in the 1930’s when there was the great depression that many families were out of work and this drove many to gold prospecting in attempts to save themselves and their families.

Today people are doing the same, gold is gold and the value of it continues to rise to record setting levels.  Families today are also on the verge if they haven’t already of losing everything that they may have believed at one moment to be safe.  Gold prospecting has seen an ever increasing population of new prospector’s show up on the scene in hopes just surviving.

Here is an article from that explains some basic information staking a gold claim and the differences of what type of gold claims there are.


Stake A Gold Claim


I found this information to be useful and a good starting point on educating the gold prospector on how he/she can stake a gold claim for themselves.  The best thing is that we have the right on appropriate lands to look for gold and also to legalize the claim for ourselves.   Let’s use our rights and do what we love and that is to look for and find gold.  Gold is the currency of the world and it’s value will always have every man, woman, boy, girl or country agreeing to this fact.

Good luck on your gold prospecting endeavors and be safe out there.



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