Go Gold Hunting

Go Gold Hunting

Finding your prey is the goal of every hunter but being a gold hunter has the ultimate reward you’re your prey is found and collected.  There are many hunters in this world and they all have a reward when done properly.  There are things to know and learn when you hunt anything and being a gold hunter is no different in understanding the things to do and not do.  Gold hunting takes research, patience and most of all determination.  Hunters of all types know the thrill in coming home with their hunting finds but I must say coming home with the gold after you have been in the field is an amazing feeling.

From the early days of the original gold rush, gold hunting is the main symptom of having gold fever.  As of today I do not believe there is a cure for gold fever and actually it is one that I have never heard anyone asking for the cure.  One of the things that you should acquire when planning to go on your gold hunting adventure is the knack of performing good research.  Research can be accomplished in asking questions of experienced gold prospectors in your area or better yet getting involved in a gold prospecting/hunting organization.  Libraries contain information on old mining claims and or maps that are usually available on microfiche that you can look at in some public libraries.

Learning how to read the land in gold bearing areas is also a crucial and critical skill that you should consider honing.  The last thing that you want to do is to waste time and money searching for gold in areas that are a bad choice to begin with.  You need to take on a detective mindset and learn the lingo and gold prospecting terms related to finding the gold.  There is always a certain way of doing things in just about any sort of endeavor that we set out to do.  Take some time and take some of the small steps in the beginning in order to take the bigger and more confident steps that will ensure your success in gold hunting.

Learn how to pan for gold, learn how to operate a sluice, learn how to determine the where the gold is before you set out with your gear to do it.  In other words read the owner’s manual before you go out and realize that you are not really comfortable with the gear and equipment that you have taken with you.  I know all of this may sound elementary but just like any learning curve that exists for the certain endeavor that you set out to do; gold prospecting is no exception.

Don’t let the lack of skills or training make you stop before you even begin your gold hunting adventures.  Just take the time before hand to ensure you are ready to be the most productive you can be when you are out in the field.  There is gold in the ground that has never seen the likes of a human and this human can be you.  Get motivated, get trained and get moving toward your gold hunting goals.

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